Facebook (now known as Meta) relies on a hybrid brand network. Each endorsed brand and sub-brand shares the company brand’s influence and plays a part, often joining the company brand on public communications.

The company wanted to let individual brands shine on these communications, while still having them sit comfortably alongside other Facebook brands. But without a visual structure, it was hard to tell which brand’s identity took priority.

We created and codified a new brand system to bring clarity to these brand partnership pieces.

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Our solution was a cohesive branding system of Host and Guest brands. It uses treatments to make it clear who the lead, Host brand is on shared communications. The Host provides the visual identity and tone of voice for each communication, so people know it’s the brand predominantly speaking to them.

The system has a variety of treatment options to showcase the Guests — while ensuring that the Guest brand is secondary to the Host brand in the communication. With this approach, our branding system can make sense of any possible pairing of brands.

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The Host brand takes priority. So when Facebook’s endorsed brands — such as Instagram and Whatsapp — are Guests, we had to find a way to show them without sacrificing their brand influence or the visual structure. We also needed the system to flex to fit when brands share space on communications that have more than one page or slide.

We created a system that could do both. Practical and flexible, our work can bring together iconic brands with ease, and adapts to fit both one page and multi-page communications.

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Rigorously tested, the system instils order in any brand combination — including when Facebook’s brands rub shoulders with third-party brands. These external brand partnerships are central to Facebook’s strategy, and we gave the company the visual structure to show them off.

We keep each brand’s identity distinct and use the right brand’s style for the right moment. And when a Facebook brand and a third-party brand both take the lead on communications, the system allows each brand’s visual identity to shine.

We codified our work into the first ever comprehensive playbook for partnership branding at Facebook. And we created a video showing off the system to get Facebook’s internal teams excited about its launch.

Equipped with this extensive guidance, anyone at Facebook can now create best-in-class communications that bring brands together with order and clarity.

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