Facebook (now known as Meta) wanted to share the invaluable knowledge of its EMEA Client Council — a group made up of the world’s brightest business minds — to inspire the next generation of marketing talent.

We helped the company write, design and launch Build Brilliant Brands: a marketing book featuring 22 insightful essays, written to lead the industry to a brighter, better connected future.

Book design for Facebook Build Brilliant Brands
Data point from Build Brilliant Brands book
Packaging design for Build Brilliant Brands

Our initial research uncovered two clear selling points: the calibre and personality of our contributors, and Facebook’s strong desire to make the content as practical as possible.

We created an approach that would help us marry this personality and practicality in style. Drawing on insights gleaned from previous thought-leadership projects, we combined concise yet colourful ghostwritten content with bespoke, portrait-style illustrations.

Nicola Mendelsohn illustration in Build Brilliant Brands
Portrait illustrations by Helen Green for Build Brilliant Brands

Facebook’s art direction emphasises emotion, optimism and humanity. To evoke this we commissioned Helen Green to create the 22 illustrations we needed. Her portraits make each title page an event, and immediately convey tangible character and personality.

We conducted interviews, and commissioned and edited ghostwritten content to capture the voices of our contributors. When editing, we made sure the articles communicate complex ideas clearly, and we listened out for the nuances that would make each one unique.

Book design for Build Brilliant Brands
Illustrations and cover design fo Build Brilliant Brands
Cover design for Build Brilliant Brands
Back cover design for Build Brilliant Brands

Build Brilliant Brands was set to be one of the first high-profile examples of the new (at the time) Facebook brand in print. Our challenge was always to create a best-in-class example of that brand in action, while interpreting the guidelines in ways that would allow the book to shine.

The book’s iridescent cover is a perfect example of striking that balance. It echoes Facebook’s redesigned empathetic logo, but also reflects the changing nature of the marketing industry and the different voices within the book.

Illustrations and cover designs for Build Brilliant Brands

HAA were the best agency we’ve worked with. There wasn’t one weak link in the team: from project management to art direction to editorial and writing, we felt we had the best talent working with us.

Henrie Clarke, Director, Industry Trades & Client Councils at Meta

eBook design for Build Brilliant Brands

The book launched with a bang, sitting at the top of the UK Apple Books charts in both the Business & Personal Finance and Marketing & Sales categories one month after its release.

Build Brilliant Brands was always thought of as a jumping off point for future council activities. So far, it’s succeeded in starting important, industry-wide conversations — and at a time when communication, collaboration and innovation is more important than ever before.

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