International Alert was tired of being thought of as just another research-based think tank. For their 30th birthday, they asked us to reposition the brand and create a visual identity that better represented their practical peacebuilding abilities.

International Alert workshop at Human After All’s studio in East London
International Alert CEO Harriet Lamb CBE

We were joined for our brand essence workshop by International Alert CEO Harriet Lamb CBE.

To get started, we had to uncover the story at the core of International Alert

To do that, we reviewed the type of work they do, researched their competitors, interviewed people inside and outside of the organisation, and held a workshop to learn how key stakeholders felt about their brand.

International Alert logo with background of small child in a war zone

International Alert’s imperfect circle changes subtly with every use, suggesting an imperfect world, yet one that is wide open with hope and possibility.

Mother and daughter with colourful umbrella in the background
Man in a poppy field

With this research under our belt, we honed in on a central brand message

After establishing International Alert’s brand narrative and clarifying their vision, we were able to settle on a single guiding message: the idea that “peace is within our power” and that everyone could play a part in achieving it.

This message shaped all of the creative routes we put to International Alert in the next round of our work.

Illustration of a human with a heart

We’re delighted with our brand positioning — our logo and strapline perfectly encapsulate our message. The brand has energised International Alert worldwide.

Harriet Lamb, CEO at International Alert

International Alert logo on a pin badge
International Alert branding at a conference
Accessible design rules for International Alert’s new visual identity

We created an accessible set of design rules that would empower International Alert to easily deploy its new visual identity.

Icon showing a hand with a globe
Icon showing a judge’s hammer
Icon showing a placard
Icon showing hands and a home symbol

We anchored the new visual identity around a key creative device

The open sun symbolises International Alert’s vision. The imperfect circle reflects an imperfect world, but one still full of warmth, hope and possibility.

The canvas it sits on can change depending on the context and intention of the message. And the logomark — featuring an open hand and a dove — is a classic image of peace and collaboration.

We pulled these assets, along with other visual and verbal advice, into a set of brand guidelines for the International Alert team to use.

Icon showing two hands entwined
Icon showing a symbol
Icon showing some squiggly lines
Icon showing two speech bubbles
Theory of change diagram for International Alert

We designed International Alert’s theory of change – carefully showing how to break the cycles of violence to build peace.

A report designed using International Alert's new brand identity

A report designed using International Alert's new brand identity

A report designed using International Alert's new brand identity

A report designed using International Alert's new brand identity

International Alert’s website on a mobile device
International Alert’s website on a desktop view

We applied the new identity to all of International Alert’s comms

We worked alongside a digital agency to redesign International Alert’s website for both desktop and mobile. And to help them celebrate their 30th birthday in style, we created a printed report detailing their peace-building projects around the world.

A group of people at the Talking Peace Festival by International Alert
A group of people in front of a wall mural of the new International Alert logo
International Alert branding at a conference marking 30 years of building peace