Gyroscope is a revolutionary digital platform that’s changing the way stablecoins are designed, and demystifying the world of decentralised finance (DeFi).

With the upcoming launch of its uniquely reliable stablecoin, Gyroscope asked us to create a new brand — one that captures its ambition of bringing stability and truth to DeFi.

Apple Pay for Gyroscope

Stability in clarity

With volatile markets, bad actors, and no regulation, the world of Web3 and DeFi can feel like the Wild West. Disingenuous, jargon-heavy brands plaster their websites with words like “trust” and “security”, but offer little clarity into how they operate.

The market’s out of control. Gyroscope is trying to tame it, offering a stablecoin that truly lives up to the name. To succeed, the team needed a new brand that would champion truth over trust and inspire people to choose security over chaos. We stepped up to the challenge.

Uncovering endless potential  

We created a brand strategy that celebrates clarity and shows the value of truth. We realised that stability doesn't just bring security, but creates boundless opportunity.

So we distilled that concept into the strategy, culminating in the key brand idea — “Revolution in Resilience”. It captures the essence of what’s lacking in the market: a transformative stablecoin that’s actually stable. The Gyroscope team aren’t rebels without a cause. They’re reliable academics changing the sector for the better.

Book branding for Gyroscope

Designing DeFi-nal frontier 

The visual identity needed to reflect Gyroscope’s new brand personality: ambitious, progressive, informed, down to earth. But we also wanted to capture the space age feel of exploring new universes and making fresh discoveries.

Our cosmic colour palette reflects how Gyroscope brings light to a murky subject area. We used a portal that frames images and transports text across web pages — space travel on a small scale. And we designed a logo that shows Gyroscope’s commitment to clarity, embodying the symmetry between steadiness and adventure.

Coinbase branding for GyroscopeDiscor
Discord branding for Gyroscope

The team at HAA were a pleasure to work with, and brought a huge amount of energy and creativity to the brand creation process. Throughout the project, they were exceptionally thorough, open-minded and well organised. We were delighted with the quality and creativity of the final outputs.

FTL Labs, the developers at Gyroscope

Outdoor poster branding for Gyroscope

Finding harmony through tone 

Gyroscope’s expert know-how is its strength. But the team needed a tone of voice that would make anyone want to sit down for a chat. We worked closely with the Gyroscope team to walk the line between the academic and the everyday.

The result is an upbeat TOV that’s honest, effortless and crystal clear. It’s technical when it needs to be. But it’s also playful, encouraging touches of humour on social media and across communications.

Instagram brand design for Gyroscope
Laptop stickers for Gyroscope
Business cards for Gyroscope

Delivering the future of DeFi 

We created a brand that captures Gyroscope’s one-of-a-kind resilience and the limitless opportunities that it brings.

Among the chaos of the competition, Gyroscope now stands out as the currency that’ll take you on an adventure but make sure you get home safe. Stable doesn’t have to mean settled. With Gyroscope, stability makes the DeFi universe your oyster.

Our work for Gyroscope was the subject of a feature article in Creative Review.

UI toolkit for Gyroscope
Brand guidelines for Gyroscope