Unsustainable fishing practices are an ongoing problem in the tuna industry. Greenpeace fights to make them a thing of the past. But for its 2016 action campaign Greenpeace wanted to go beyond highlighting fishing malpractice, and also expose the industry’s abuses of human rights.

Working with Greenpeace we created Just Tuna — a guerilla campaign designed to lift the lid on unethical tuna brands, and convince consumers to join the fight for change.

Data viz for Just Tuna campaign

Human rights abuses and unsustainable fishing practices: two different concerns that we needed to cover in one campaign.

We created a simple, impactful name that brought these issues together. On one level Just Tuna worked as a demand for the fair treatment of tuna industry workers. But it also nodded to sustainable fishing methods, which make sure that no other sea life is caught when people fish for tuna.

With this rallying cry we tied together Greenpeace’s goals with one inspiring message, empowering people to take direct action.

Consumer guide for Just Tuna campaign

Just Tuna had broad goals and a global audience. That’s why we created a flexible visual identity that would make a splash anywhere and everywhere.

We expanded the Greenpeace colour palette with a purple hue that subtly evoked the colour of tuna fish. This gave the campaign the influence of a global brand and the fresh feel of a distinct identity. We also chose to use hand-drawn illustrations instead of photography. This created visual consistency when we covered a range of very different subjects, from FAD fishing to human rights abuses.

Tuna can illustrations for Just Tuna campaign
Data viz for Just Tuna campaign
Data viz for Just Tuna campaign
Print design for Just Tuna campaign

We designed Just Tuna to empower people to take the fight into their own hands. We created a pocket-sized consumer guide that people could take with them to the shops. The guide contained a league table ranking dirty tuna brands, with a clear colour-coded grading system to make it easy for shoppers to avoid the worst offenders.

We also crafted a campaign toolkit to help Greenpeace’s teams make stickers and posters for people to plaster onto dirty tuna brand cans on shop shelves.

Supermarket activation for Just Tuna campaign
Sticker activation for Just Tuna campaign

The campaign immediately made waves. Just Tuna generated 41,000 sign-ups in three days, and was dubbed “the new horse meat” scandal by the press. And as a result, Thai Union — the world’s largest tuna company — agreed to change their fishing and HR practices.

It’s going really well with over 87,000 people joining the campaign for sustainable and ethical tuna. HAA created a versatile, vibrant asset package that catered to all of our needs and really brought the campaign to life.

Emily Buchanan, Art & Editorial Coordinator at Greenpeace