Genervest is an investment initiative from Greenpeace Greece that’s powering the transition to renewable energy.

Fossil fuels are still global society’s preferred power source. But unless we switch to renewable energy quickly, climate catastrophe is certain. That’s why Greenpeace Greece set up Genervest, making it easy for people to invest in renewable energy projects and speeding the transition to clean power.

Greenpeace asked us to build the purposeful investment platform’s brand from scratch. The new identity needed to encourage Greenpeace’s ethical audience to put their faith in finance.

Genervest digital design by Human After All
Ocean typeface design for Genervest
Sunshine typeface design for Genervest

We set out to create a brand people would trust in a sector that many don’t. To make an identity that had all the reassuring qualities of a finance expert, and the colour and energy of an ethical platform determined to drive chance.

We started by crafting an optimistic and transparent brand personality centred around a strong new purpose statement: “giving the people the power to stop climate change”.

Genervest for Greenpeace outdoor advertising
Business card design for Genervest

We created the name for the new brand — Genervest — through a series of workshops.

A play on “invest”, the name places the platform firmly in the finance sector. Yet it also reflects Genervest’s more individual aspects. The name’s nod to “generosity” and “generating power” captures the initiative’s ethical aims and purposeful determination.

Icon showing two human figures

It was wonderful to work with HAA. Together we helped our new company emerge. We learned a lot and something beautiful was created.

Phillip Stovold, Managing Director at Genervest

Social media avatar designs for Genervest
Instagram stories designs for Genervest

The Genervest brand has to convey empathy and human qualities, but still hold its own in the competitive fintech space. The new visual identity reflects that balance while championing optimism and transparency.

The logo uses a contemporary font with softened edges to help give it a warmer appearance. Open, transparent photography showcases every aspect of the platform, from the people who invest in it to the outcome of its projects.

Taking inspiration from nature, we packed the colour palette with vibrant and earthy tones. And we crafted nature-themed icons to nestle within the messaging, adding visual emphasis to Genervest’s main points.

Genervest for Greenpeace website icon design
Photography treatments for Genervest
Brand guidelines for Genervest

We showcased Genervest and its ethical aims in an animated investor video, bringing the brand to life with a mix of footage and bespoke animation. We also delivered guidelines to help Genervest launch and maintain its new brand in the future.

A careful blend of finance and humanity, the new brand helps Genervest build trust and connect with people to protect the climate.

Poster designs for Genervest