We’ve worked with Facebook since we opened our doors in 2013. Since then, we’ve collaborated with countless Facebookers, each doing their bit to use the company’s influence for good. And through hundreds of projects, we’ve come to understand Facebook’s brand, culture, and audiences.

A workshop with Facebook at Human After All’s studio in East London
A workshop at Facebook London

We bring our in-depth knowledge of Facebook to every project we work on 

This understanding informs the strategies we create and the work we deliver. It’s also helped us graduate from short-term projects to building global Facebook brands like #SheMeansBusiness, Boost with Facebook and Facebook Marketing Partners.

Kate Daggett and Facebook/Human After All #SheMeansBusiness team

To kick off our work on #SheMeansBusiness we gathered stakeholders from every corner of the globe for a series of idea space workshops in São Paulo.

What’s more, Facebook’s culture has shaped our own

Facebook needs an agile approach, so that’s how we run our projects. As a huge, fast-moving company, Facebook’s teams value our ability to be quick on our feet.

But we still know how important it is to start all projects on the right foot. That usually means getting key people in the room, asking the right questions, and understanding the nuance of every challenge.

Icons showing a waving hand, a thumbs up and a human

We’ve been honoured to work closely with Human After All. We continue to be blown away by their artistic grace and dedication.

Matt Sutton, Global Brand Marketing Lead at Facebook

So we work in partnership to get everyone on board

Collaborative tools like workshops are essential in the early stages of a project.

For #SheMeansBusiness — a brand aiming to empower female entrepreneurs — we gathered Facebook marketing leads from around the globe for a series of working sessions. This gave us a clear picture of what each region needed, where there were opportunities, and the insight to create the most effective work.

Kate Daggett, Head of Creative at Facebook during one of our workshops
A Facebook design workshop with the Human After All team

But we always make sure any big picture includes the right details

Our work with Facebook is often complex. We might need to decipher product information so it can be communicated clearly, or understand the relationship between Facebook brands to create a brand architecture.

Whatever we do, we balance quick turnaround and implicit understanding to deliver the right creative response.

Project focus


As engagement in International Women’s Day grew, Facebook asked us to create a refreshed brand and relaunch campaign for their initiative #SheMeansBusiness.

Social assets created by Human After All design agency for Facebook #SheMeansBusiness global campaign

#SheMeansBusiness encourages female entrepreneurs to help each other start, build or grow their business. We were asked to evolve the #SheMeansBusiness brand for its official relaunch on International Women’s Day in 2018.

What skills does every female entrepreneur need to succeed?

We created flexible brand messaging to use in different territories, alongside a visual identity and guidelines. We also built the Community Finder — a digital tool that helps women find peers and services in their area. Since its launch, #SheMeansBusiness has trained more than 90,000 women in 18 countries.

#ellaHaceHistoria hashtag

The #SheMeansBusiness website is available in 18 languages, with a localised community finder for each.

#SheMeansBusiness Facebook event
#SheMeansBusiness Facebook event
Facebook #SheMeansBusiness plus icon
Facebook #SheMeansBusiness arrows icon
Facebook #SheMeansBusiness globe icon
Facebook #SheMeansBusiness female symbol icon

Project focus

Boost with Facebook

We helped Facebook create a unified brand architecture for their programmes to support small and medium-sized businesses and drive business growth.

Facebook wanted to use its extraordinary reach to benefit small business owners, community leaders and jobseekers. Through training, events and tools, Facebook would equip them with the digital skills they needed to excel.

Facebook Boost event with Doug Frisee presenting onstage
Facebookers at Facebook Boost event
#SheMeansBusiness stand at a Facebook Boost event
Facebookers check in guests at a Facebook Boost event
A Facebook Boost event guide and lanyard

We brought this vision to life by creating a brand identity, supported by an extensive brand toolkit. We worked alongside developers to structure and design a new Boost website, which was clearer and easier to navigate.

Facebook Boost website design screenshot

Project focus

Facebook Marketing Partners

We helped Facebook build a network that would help its partners achieve their full potential.

The power of unique combinations

Facebook wanted to create a single program to help businesses connect to their ideal, specialist partners. Working with FutureBrand, we carried out interviews, workshops and research to audit the existing architecture. With a clear view of the opportunity space, we designed a new brand identity.

Facebook Marketing Partners shapes
Facebook Marketing Partners brand deck
Facebook Marketing Partners website design
Facebook Marketing Partners tote bag, notepad and pen
Facebook Marketing Partners Sydney Agency Expo

Our design gave the program a vibrant appearance, while still harmonising with the Facebook brand. We drew up a detailed playbook for the new identity — including brand values and behaviours for a wide selection of digital and physical assets.

Shared values have helped us join the official Facebook global roster

At the core of both our organisations is the desire to leave the world a little better than we found it. Our partnership with Facebook lets us do just that.

Facebook gives people the power to build communities and bring the world closer together. And we want to bring people together by creating work imbued with reason and empathy.

By working together, we can continue to help Facebook achieve their purpose and use their influence for good.

Shapes from Facebook Marketing Partners design work

HAA is considered one of the top partners within our organisation. You make the work feel like a real collaboration. There’s mutual respect on both sides to contribute to the creative process and no egos.

David Pham, Art Director, Global Business Marketing at Facebook