Cervest has created a unique way to adapt with climate change. Its AI-powered products share insights into how assets — power plants, transport infrastructure, office buildings — are endangered by climate risk. Guided by these insights, businesses and people can then act to protect their assets with precision.

We built a new brand and website with Cervest to launch its pioneering Climate Intelligence platform. Simple yet striking, the brand and site communicate Cervest’s complex work and reinforce its industry-leading vision.

Cervest brand illustration and text on a digital billboard in a subway

Breaking new ground 

Cervest offers open, networked Climate Intelligence that helps people discover climate risks and make informed decisions about how to strengthen their assets. The organisation’s flagship product, EarthScanTM, combines Earth science, computational statistics and machine learning to create the first clear picture of how climate risk threatens specific assets.

As the Cervest team was preparing to launch EarthScanTM, they wanted a new, bold brand to match their industry-leading ambitions. This brand needed to stand out from the competition, reflect the brand’s mission and communicate its solution to a complex problem. Cervest came to us for help.

Cervest social post design using the new brand

A mission everyone can relate to 

To create this brand, we needed to get under Cervest’s skin. We worked with the Cervest team to help draw out and articulate what drove them — a desire to help people use Cervest’s unique technology to tackle climate risk and, ultimately, build a more resilient world.

Working closely with Cervest, we then used this goal to create their brand strategy. This strategy defined Cervest’s personality and vision, and solidified the mission at the organisation’s heart: to empower everyone to adapt with climate change and build a resilient future for our planet.

Cervest’s mission statement — We exist to empower everyone to adapt withy climate change and build a resilient future for our planet
Mobile screens showing the Cervest website responsive design
Earthscan illustration for Cervest by Sam Chivers

Dare to be bold 

We designed Cervest’s new visual identity to strengthen its position as a pioneer in its space. A purple-led colour palette, unique in a sector awash with blue hues, set Cervest apart. We also avoided the awkwardness of common stock photography, and instead chose to focus on stand-out illustrations.

Collaborating with Cervest, we commissioned illustrator Sam Chivers to create visuals that were not only distinctive, but also showed Cervest’s vision. The illustrations captured Cervest’s idea of a resilient future in a way photography could not, helping people to visualise and understand it as a reality. After all, to be an authority you must be clear as well as bold.

A gateway to Climate Intelligence     

Cervest needed a launchpad worthy of its industry-changing influence: a website that would encourage people to sign up to EarthScanTM — as well as explain what Cervest does and what it stands for. We worked with our development partner ON to give Cervest an intuitive site that showcases the new brand and gets Cervest’s audience where they need to go.

We designed and developed the site architecture to support key user journeys, guiding people to the EarthScanTM sign up page. And icons inspired by the new Cervest logo picked out and labelled concepts in the site copy, helping to clearly communicate Cervest’s ideas.

Cervest website design shown on a tablet device

The road to a resilient future 

Cervest’s new branding and website secures its position as an industry leader. Our work helped Cervest make it easy for people to connect with its pioneering approach to tackling climate risk.

Cervest is now ready to share its mission with the world: to empower everyone to adapt with climate change and build a resilient future for our planet.

Illustration for Cervest website by Sam Chivers