Born Social built its reputation by helping smaller clients get more bang for their buck on social media. But as the agency’s reputation grew, so did its ambition, and its brand struggled to keep up.

We designed Born Social a new brand to reflect its ambition and proven expertise, helping it mature without losing its friendly, approachable feel. We also built the agency a new website to showcase its social chops.

Surfing the waves of social

Born Social creates award-winning social strategy and campaigns for some of the biggest brands in business. But despite continued success, Born Social’s brand still framed the agency as a plucky challenger. It was time to stand out as an authority.

The website needed to change too. Poor navigation, impersonal design and a clunky UX kept the site out of step with the agency’s friendly warmth and quiet confidence. In short: Born Social had grown up, and it needed a new brand and website to grow with it.

Mastering mayhem with confidence

We started by digging into Born Social and its space. Two key insights emerged. First, the agency needed a way to communicate its newfound maturity. And second: not many competitors had well-rounded brands, so this was an opportunity to take the lead.

Building on this knowledge and collaborating with the Born Social team, we developed an open, energetic and confident brand personality to define who Born Social is. At the heart of this was a core purpose — “Harness the chaos”. This distilled the agency’s talent for expertly getting the best out of a hectic online world.

Branded Instagram stories for Born Social
Custom 404 page for Born Social

A brand that thrives on finding order

Born Social harnesses chaos. Its new visual identity does likewise. We designed a textural type treatment that takes control of a mix of typeface styles, creating graphic elements from the clutter. We energised these elements with moving 3D-style visuals, adding expression and capturing the havoc of social media.

We also brought the agency’s personality to life with a new Tone of Voice. Warm and assured, we created a TOV befitting Born Social’s authority in its space. Our comprehensive guidelines also made sure Born Social could command its voice with confidence.

3D thumbs up emoji

We were looking for a brand identity that could express an exciting new era for Born Social. Human After All researched, listened, analysed, created, iterated and came up with the goods.

Ben Tyson, CEO and Partner at Born Social

Poster design for Born Social
Mobile web design for Born Social

A website infused with personality

With our development partner Subism, we built a website that reflected Born Social’s new personality: open, energetic, confident.

We simplified user journeys through the site, using eye-catching calls to action and a filter system that collates related content. Born Social is generous with its knowledge, so we brought its white papers, events and talks to the forefront of the site.

We also created a modular system that makes it simple to change page layouts, helping Born Social to adapt to future content and creating bold spaces for branded moments as the agency grows.

Website module design for Born Social

Social-first design for a social-first agency

Social media is Born Social’s natural habitat. So as part of our design we made sure the brand and website embraced the world of social.

On the site we used the recognisable online motif of rolling text, and created a contact pop-out to mimic Instagram DMs. We mirrored the social experience with scrolling website modules and a hashtag bar and tag search function.

The visual identity also met the demands of social media. The expansive colour palette and changeable 3D visuals gave Born Social the freedom to react to trending topics.

3D peace emoji

Human After All were an absolute pleasure to work with. Professional, smart and confident, we completely trusted them from the word go and could not be happier with the new brand they’ve created for us.

Lily Cullen, Marketing Manager at Born Social

Embrace the future of social

Born Social’s confident, friendly new identity is a perfect match for its growing success. The strong purpose at the brand’s heart helps Born Social connect with clients intent on getting the best out of social media.

Along with its new identity, the agency also has a vibrant new website, steeped in personality and built to reflect the social experience. Together, the brand and site allow Born Social to continue mastering social media into the future.

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