Systems of information article illustration by Elliot Beacock

What’s happening to our systems of information?

Information helps us make sense of the world, but there are profound flaws in the way it’s disseminated and accessed that make many of the world’s most complex problems worse.

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Human objectivity article illustration by Catarina Morais

Why human objectivity is a myth

Humanity thinks it’s rational. It isn’t. And that’s a huge blind spot where information is concerned.

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Health misinformation article illustration by Avalon Nuovo

Is health misinformation here to stay?

Move over political misinformation, health misinformation is the new kid in town that’s shaking society to its core.

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Digital age democratised media illustration by Timo Meyer

Has the digital age democratised the media?

It doesn’t look like it. The same centuries-old power structures are still very much in place.

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Nationalism thrives on fake history — but does it have to be this way?

From Trumpism, to Brexit, to Putin’s war in Ukraine, world leaders are always evoking a fictional golden age. It’s time to start looking forward instead of back.

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